We recruit high quality, exciting, and exceptional summer counselors.  We personally know all the staff we are offering you and our primary goal is to ensure that you are more than satisfied with the staff we send you.

Our promise is quite simple: We will only recommend staff that we would hire for our own camp, The Vineyard Camp.  To prove this point we are prepared to give you the first look at the staff we have already approved. You can select which ones you want and we’re prepared to hire the remaining staff for our camp–that’s the kind of quality staff we seek and approve. 

We are offering these international staff to any camp by only $150 for each staff you need (you must, of course, pay them what you would any other staff, but you don’t have to pay for any insurance, visa, travel fees, etc.). All you must do is tell us:

·  Number of staff you need

·  Arrival date

· Departure date

· Gender

· Skills you require.

All of these folks are outstanding young folks with a yearning to come to the USA and work at a summer camp. They all have skills in sports (some are also talented in music and crafts).  If you still need some summer staff and are willing to work with international young men and women please let us know. You’ll never regret opening your camp to international kids!

With world’s economy in an apparent free fall, I am sure you are doing all you can to cut costs without compromising on the quality program you provide to your campers.  But if you are considering foreign staff, I want to make you an offer that’s hard to beat. We can offer you the DS2019 form, Insurance for your returnee staff or your own international staff for less than anyone else charges.

All you pay is $350 for each staff that you find and ask us to bring over. This we charge much less than anyone else.

It’s  simple really. We’re a summer camp, perhaps very much like yours, but we have been designated by the Department of State as a Sponsoring Agency. We can issue the documentation for J1 visas just like the other agencies that charge you an arm and a leg. We visit foreign countries to get staff for our  camp and while there we interview and approve far more outstanding staff than we need.  We meet these applicants face to face and only recommend staff that we would hire for our own camp. The quality is exceptional and we stand by each staff we recommend. We guarantee you that our staff will impress you.

Please let us know by contacting us at or call us +52 (222) 890 7914

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