Staff are at least 18 years old and are specifically hired for expertise in a skill area. Their main responsibility is the health and welfare of their campers.


Only staff recommended by parents of past campers, staff recommended by missionaries, or staff recommended by our International Representatives, Universities or Institutions are considered for the initial meeting with the camp’s director. After the initial meeting, a private interview is scheduled with one of the directors.

Selection is based upon five considerations:

1. Does the applicant speak and understand English clearly – i.e… fluent.

2. Is the staff responsible and spiritually and morally mature?

3. Does the applicant have the needed gifts, patience, and knowledge to work with children?

4. Is the applicant outgoing, friendly, communicative, and engaging?

5. Does the applicant have a skill or athletic ability to share at the camp?

Staff are placed in cabins with children from countries other than their native country. Because of this, numbers of applicants we can hire from each country is quite limited. The placements are made based on their preference and skills for particular ages, and their assignments to skill instruction is based upon their proven experience in teaching that area as demonstrated during the orientation week.

All first-time staffs are required to participate in a VICP orientation prior to camp. In addition, all staffs are required to participate in the camp specific orientation upon arrival at camp. During the initial VICP orientation we go over cultural differences and our expectations for foreign staff. During the orientation week, the staff will not receive a salary, but the camp will provide meals, room and certification in some skill areas if the camp provides it.

Weekly meetings for all staff are regularly conducted. Staff will be evaluated, encouraged, and reminded of areas in which they are weak. Each staff is given opportunity to contact the VICP director to comment about problems he/she has encountered. Each staff is also given the option of meeting with his/her direct supervisor upon request.

After Camp each staff is able to receive a full evaluation at the end of his/her time at camp. The supervisor or director directly responsible for the staff along with a separate evaluation by the VICP Director gives this evaluation. These evaluations include pointing out the strengths and weaknesses and the potential for being invited back for the next year. We are permitted to invite 10% of the international staff back the following year. All others desiring to return to the USA must apply at a different camp, but we can assist with the J1 visa. Each staff must purchase a round trip airline ticket for the exact duration of the contract. All international staff are required to return to their home country at the end of their contract at camp. Should the staff desire to extend his/her stay, the limit on their  J1 visa is checked, and, if time and place permits, their contracts are extended. In no event are foreign staff permitted to stay in the USA beyond their four-month limit. Any attempt to stay beyond the four months will result in the staff being reported to immigration officials.

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